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Jenny Rushes

  Jenny rushes Slams the screen door Yeah it’s your invitation And I’m settling the score I wanna bend her over And spread her to the floor But the shoestring salesman Caught me naked on her front porch Now I’m … Continue reading

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To the Lady in My Head (viii)

madness is what I am and sorrow is what you bring but damn when you bring you bring it well   and i did sleep well last night and appreciated the advice tho sleeping pills were nice they definitely left … Continue reading

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Falling Awake

  Falling awake Falling awake my dear What a mistake Yeah it seems to be a dream So I’ll do what it takes (Do what it takes) Oh Yeah what it takes To Slip thru the seams And fall back … Continue reading

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Soundtrack to Medlen Films Vol. 1

A soundtrack to a DVD of short films I made over ten years ago. Enjoy.  

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Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Brad Pitt and George Clooney sit at coffee bar   Brad: Hey Clooney.   Clooney: Hey Brad.   B: How’s the wife.   C: Eh, same as always. How’s the kids.   B: Eh. They’re all good. So Clooney, remember … Continue reading

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Sia gets a vegan restaurant (What a terrible documentary)

Sia gets a vegan restaurant.   Signed,   Mind Control

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Mark Zuckerberg helps a guy out…

Hey Kiegel face   who’se talking   me whose me the lady with no nose madonna your an asshole takes on to know one want to call this a play whose the characters two guys at a bar alrite   … Continue reading

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